Edinger Apparel Shoot – Cancun, Mexico

When most people head south of the border, they grab their getaway bag consisting entirely of swim wear, tank tops and flip flops. Who wouldn’t want to show off their beach body on some of the finest shorelines in the world? For my recent trip to Cancun, I went straight for my camera bag…ok and maybe stuffed in a bikini or two.

I had the exciting opportunity to do a photo shoot for Edinger Apparel and their upcoming presentation of their Spring/Summer 2016 line at New York Fashion Week.

Edinger2016Spring-6The weekend getaway got off to a rocky start. I arrived early to catch some sun and enjoy a little r and r before getting to work. A recent storm had swept through the area, knocking down power lines and kicking up some pretty smelly piles of seaweed. It was just too challenging to swim, and the sun was hotter than hot. With spotty Wi-Fi, the alternatives were slim. I couldn’t enjoy Mexico the way I had hoped.

But then we scouted out our location, the El Cid Resort in Puerto Morelos…now we’re talking. Designer and Edinger CEO Erik Nelson and I started plotting our killer images to showcase his awesome work. I found so many awesome textures to play with, old wooden fences and beautiful mosaic walls, that I knew would complement his “East Coast sophistication…West Coast chill” beachwear. By the time our model, Ken Devo, showed up, it was all engines go.

The shoot was a blast and despite some sunburns and the occasional grain of sand in my eye (you know how I love to get down and dirty for the shot!) we came away with a great collection of images. As a photographer, fashion photography is one I don’t get to do as often so I was beyond stoked.

I guess I did a pretty good job, because Edinger invited me to shoot their line as it hits the catwalk at New York Fashion Week. To be continued…

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