Instructing at David Mecey workshop in Las Vegas

A few weeks back I had the honor of being one of the instructors at David Mecey’s latest workshop.  If you don’t know who David Mecey is you need to google him and his amazing work now!  I’ve known David for over a decade, meeting way back when I was still a model we became friends right away due to our love for fast cars.  Staying in touch over the years I signed up for one of his photo workshops back in 2010 and knew I would learn some valuable lessons from David.

Over the years he’s brought me around a few workshops, shoots and other events and has always been there to Mentor me.  His vast knowledge or off camera lighting always blew my mind in the photography world we currently live in where too many semi pro and pro photographers are ditching the lights (mainly because they don’t know how to use them) and shooting in an all natural setting.

David asked me to come along to his latest workshop in Vegas as an instructor, of course I was thrilled, nervous and blown away that he chose me.  The models where great to work with, the students in David’s course where so sweet and eager to learn and I walked away completely in love with teaching photography!  Uh oh…..does this mean there will be an AJ After Dark course soon?  Yes it does.  I will be putting together in the next few weeks my first ever workshop, featuring professional models, lighting gear for my students to work with and a few other surprises!  Stay tuned for the info as I will be sharing across my social media pages.

Here are a few photos from the workshop that I myself got to snap on the last day 🙂

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