New York Fashion Week – Preview

Get me to the Big Apple!

As I was finishing up my wonderful Cancun photo shoot, Edinger Apparel CEO/Designer Erik Nelsen and I were excitedly talking about their upcoming presentation at the inaugural New York Fashion Week: Men’s presented by the Council of Fashion Designers of America. The conversation finished with an invitation that I simply could not turn down. Our beachwear shoot went so well that I will now cover the premiere of their spring/summer men’s line fresh onto the catwalk in New York City!

New York Fashion WeekMy favorite city in the world, so rich with artistry and creativity that flows at such a fast pace. And with so many things to do in NYC, it’s impossible for boredom to ever catch up with you. This week, my camera and I get to touch down in the global capital of so many things, including fashion and design, and the cream of the crop will be in my viewfinder. And I’ll be in the midst of an endless amount of personal inspiration, both as a photographer and as a lady who loves to look good.

But this week, it’s all about the boys looking good. Excuse me! Men. What designers like John Varvatos and Tommy HilfigerEdinger2016Spring-2have managed to create is a new era of fashion trends for men that leave us ladies stunned. Fashion sense is an ever growing quality that women seek in a man. How he dresses tells you so much about his personality; his clothes are defined by his lifestyle. The sharp slim suit says “money’s not a problem.” The clever t-shirt says “I might make you laugh.” Double layered long sleeve tees say “I’m practical.” With each season, the variety and nuanced ways in which he can speak grows by leaps and bounds. A man can tell you so much by what he wears, can show you who he is and what you’re going to get when you spend time with him.

I’m excited to hear what this year’s lines have to say…

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